acne treatment

How Does Acne Form?

  • Increased activity of the sebaceous glands which secrete more sebum.
  • The opening of the hair follicle gets blocked.
  • Lack of oxygen causes the rapid multiplication of the P. Acne bacteria that lives inside the hair
  • The immune system reacts by fighting the bacteria, leading to an inflammation.
  • This inflammation results in the appearance of pimples and lesions that might develop into scars.
  • As long as the bacterial activity continues, the inflammation continues and the acne flourishes.

How Does The Treatment Work?

As part of a routinely metabolism process, the P. Acne bacteria generates an organic compound called porphyrin. High intensity broad spectrum light (Especially blue light) triggers the porphyrin to release single oxygen atoms (Free radicals). These free radicals are seeking other atoms to attach themselves to. They make connections to molecules they are not supposed to connect to, and by doing so they ruin the functionality of these molecules. The activity of many single oxygen atoms destroys the P. Acne bacteria.

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